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Measuring the Financial Performances of IT Sector Companies Transacting on Borsa


Department of International Trade and Finance, Trakya University Keşan Yusuf Çapraz School of Applied Sciences, Edirne, Turkey

Journal of Business Administration and Social Studies 2022; 6: 36-45
DOI: 10.5152/JBASS.2022.22005
Read: 941 Downloads: 461 Published: 19 December 2022

The global world has brought many innovations in the field of informatics and technology, and with these innovations, new risks have emerged. In the risk environment created by the new world, businesses have to use their resources effectively and efficiently in order to continue their activities. With this method, businesses aim to increase their financial performance levels. In this study, it is aimed to examine the financial performance levels of 18 enterprises operating in the Istanbul Stock Exchang (BIST) information sector in light of the data of 2018– 2021, after giving a detailed literature analysis of the studies using multicriteria decision-making techniques by using the data of the enterprises in the IT sector. The criteria selected in order to evaluate the financial performance levels were weighted with the ENTROPI method and the financial performances of the enterprises were evaluated with the ARAS (Additive Ratio Assesment Method) method. The financial performance rankings of the enterprises were examined with the ARAS method, and the company with the highest performance in 2018–2020 was INDEX, while the company with the highest performance in 2021 was NETAŞ.

Cite this article as: Özdemir, Ö. (2022). Measuring the financial performances of IT sector companies transacting on Borsa. Journal of Business Administration and Social Studies, 6(2), 36-45.

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